UGRWCD Awards 2023 Grant Funding


Lower Spring Creek Ditch Improvement


The Board of Directors of the Upper Gunnison River Water Conservancy District (UGRWCD) voted at the March 27th Board meeting to award $297,170 to organizations and individuals in the Upper Gunnison River Basin.  These grant funds will be used for projects that will enhance water supply, improve stream and irrigation conditions, conserve water, provide water education benefits and restore wetlands.  There was a diverse group of project applications from all over the Upper Gunnison River. Examples include a City of Gunnison native plant xeriscape project at 11th & Quartz Street intersection with educational signage, Coal Creek Dam Construction (Lake Irwin), and irrigation demonstration projects – one utilizing a combined plastic irrigation pipe, headwall, and turnout gate for improved irrigation water management and another utilizing an IntelliDitch HDPE Liner to prevent seepage loss.

All applicants were required to provide a 50 percent cost match and their projects had to be consistent with the District’s purpose, mission, and objectives.

UGRWCD General Manager Sonja Chavez noted during this year’s funding cycle, the District received requests for funding that totaled $370,613. 

“It was a very competitive cycle and I strongly encourage those who were not funded to reach out to us to discuss their project and how they can make it stronger for the next cycle,” said Sonja. 

Sonja also pointed out the District Grant Funding Program is a prime example of the District’s responsible allocation of tax revenues to directly benefit diverse water improvement projects in the basin.  “I am delighted to report that during this cycle, our District grant funds were leveraged at a ratio of 1:3 with outside funding sources which just amplifies returns on District investment.

The UGRWCD Grant Program follows an annual cycle with applications due in February each year.  General Manager Chavez urges potential applicants or individuals, even those just wondering about a water project, to reach out to the District now so that the District can help with infrastructure assessment or engineering that can assist in ensuring that the project can be funded.  If you have a water project in mind, please call the District at (970) 641-6065 to schedule a consultation.

Bridge 40 Diversion
Chittendon Diversion Improvement


UGRWCD Announces Contest for 2023 World Water Day!


Water is LIFE! Win a T-Shirt!   

In honor of World Water Day on Wednesday, March 22, 2023, the UGRWCD is hosting a trivia contest to promote water conservation and water education.  Every day from now until 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, March 22, 2023, participants can email the District at to submit their response to this trivia question:  What percentage of the Colorado River originates from melting snowpack in the Rocky Mountain headwaters?  

Each person who answers correctly wins a free “Save Me – Be A Water Hero” t-shirt in a color and size of their choosing.  There are a variety of great colors and sizes to choose from in Women’s v-necks, Unisex crew necks and Youth short sleeve tees. (Limit one t-shirt per person.)

Winners will be notified by email and can pick up their t-shirt during UGRWCD’s regular business hours Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 210 W. Spencer Avenue, Suite B.  Help us spread the word about the importance of water in our rivers and reservoirs, Be A Water Hero, and win a t-shirt!  Contest ends March 22nd.