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The District values our basin’s agricultural, recreational, and environmental community of water users.  We all live in an incredible natural setting which promotes a commitment to stewardship.

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Did You Know?

Can I use water from the ditch running through my property?

The short answer is no. All water running in man made ditches is adjudicated for use by whoever dug the ditch or their heirs or subsequent property owners…. 

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Upper Gunnison River Conservancy District

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Science & Conservation

Paul hopes to see science help in the development of reclamation and conservation efforts, especially for agricultural uses.

Paul Raymond
Professor of ENVS
Water is Life

The river takes you places you can’t get otherwise. As a lover of nature, water is life, flowing through everything, from the faucet, to the ditch, through the animals, such as bear, bobcat and elk. Water is a powerful thing, it is all-encompassing, in every aspect of life.

Carollyn Cherry
Scenic River Tours Co-Owner

Job Announcement

Upper Gunnison River Water Conservancy District

General Manager

Start date December 1, 2019