Grant Funding

Grant Program

The Upper Gunnison River Water Conservancy District was established to conserve the waters within the District to accomplish the greatest possible use for irrigation, domestic, municipal, industrial, mining, and all other beneficial purposes, and to defend and protect the waters of the District. 

A mission of the District is to encourage the in-basin beneficial use and maintenance of high quality standards for the water resources of the basin. The District has determined that an appropriate means to effect its purposes and accomplish its mission is to provide financial assistance to persons or entities advancing projects that enhance water supply and stream conditions within the District through a Grant Program.

The Board of Directors of the District has adopted a Policy Governing the Grant Program that should be reviewed by applicants for financial assistance along with these Guidelines. Please note that the policy and guidelines are updated annually for each grant cycle.

Slate River Integrated Monitoring Project
Slate River Integrated Monitoring Project


2022 Grant Program Fillable Forms