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Photo of Tomichi Creek Wetlands Preserve

The Upper Gunnison River Water Conservancy District (UGRWCD) recently awarded over $191,000 to organizations and individuals in the Upper Gunnison Basin for projects that will enhance water supply or improve stream conditions. Some of the projects awarded include efforts to improve water system supply and efficiency, delivery structure or system improvements, restoring or enhancing riparian habitat, and addressing water quality. All recipients of the grant funding assistance awards were required to show a 50 percent match of funds requested and their projects had to be consistent with the District’s purpose, mission, and objectives.

This year’s funding allocation is one the largest amounts the UGRWCD has awarded through the funding assistance program, which originated in 2009, second only to 2020 when $200,000 was awarded.

“We were delighted with the number and quality of the grant applications that we received this year,” said Sonja Chavez, general manager of the UGRWCD. “These funds will go to support projects that help us achieve our mission to be an active leader in all issues affecting water resources in our basin. Many water users in our District will directly benefit from these projects when completed, so we are honored to be able to help with their funding.”

The UGRWCD Funding Assistance Program follows an annual cycle with applications due in February each year.  If you have a water project in mind that might qualify for grant funding through the UGRWCD, please call the District at (970)641-6065 for assistance and information.


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