Upper Basin Drought Response Agreement Releases

The Bureau of Reclamation implemented drought operations under the Upper Basin Drought Response Operations Agreement (DROA) due to declining water levels in Lake Powell.  Colorado River Storage Project reservoir releases are as follows: Flaming Gorge Reservoir – 125 kaf; Blue Mesa Reservoir 36 kaf; Navajo Reservoir 20 kaf.

Blue Mesa Reservoir releases scheduled to begin August 2021 as follows: August 14 kaf; September 18 kaf; October 4 kaf; November 0 kaf; December 0 kaf.

Projected end of year (December 31st) content: 234,000 (28%) as of June 9, 2021 Aspinall Operations Report

Taylor Reservoir Releases Set Through September

The Taylor Local User’s Group (TLUG) met on September 2, 2021 and elected to leave the flows as follows: 240 cfs* through September 6, 2021; 135 cfs* September 7 through 30, 2021, then switching to winter flows of 75 cfs* (*subject to change based on current conditions). The TLUG representatives agreed to hold a special meeting (tentatively schedule for September 20, 2021, time TBA) if the mid-month report from the Colorado River Forecast Center varies much from the current forecast.  For questions, please contact the District at (970)641-6065.