Wet Meadows Restoration and Building Project

Natural meadows and riparian habitats within the sagebrush landscape of the Gunnison Basin are resilient and support a sustaining population of Gunnison sage-grouse and other species, biological communities, ecosystem services and livelihoods in the face of a changing climate. Sustained and long-term community commitment to stewardship of meadows and riparian areas helps nature and land-based livelihoods adapt to climate change.

Combined with previous years’ work between 2012 and 2022, the Team has treated over 300 acres of riparian habitat, along more than 43 miles of stream with over 2,467 structures to enhance Gunnison sage-grouse brood-rearing habitat.

This project serves as an important demonstration of simple yet effective tools for increasing resilience of meadow and riparian systems in the sagebrush steppe. The techniques have demonstrated significant results that have potential to improve wildlife habitat, hydrologic function and build resilience at a much larger scale.

The collaboration of the Upper Gunnison River Water Conservancy District, local, state and federal agencies, non-governmental organizations, universities, ranchers, and volunteers has been essential in achieving landscape-scale restoration across land management boundaries. This is the type of collaboration that is needed to effectively prepare nature and people for an uncertain future.  

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Wet Meadows Partners

Wet Meadows Restoration and Building Project would not be possible without the collaboration, numerous in-kind contributions, and generous funding of the project partners. In addition, special thanks to the supporting ranchers, landowners and permittees who have been so willing to cooperate on Wet Meadows projects.  For more information on the partners, please visit their websites from the interactives links below: