2024 - A Summer Celebration of our Rivers

Gunnison River Festival

“A Summer Celebration of Our Rivers”

The Gunnison River Festival board is proud to announce its 2024 schedule!

The Gunnison River Festival (GRF) is meant to promote awareness and celebration of local rivers as a
priceless resource through river-themed recreation, arts and education. We endeavor to promote the
diversity of recreational activities available either on or near rivers, to encourage the use of the County’s
Whitewater park for both residents and visitors, to stimulate the local economy by attracting multiple
demographic groups by offering a variety of events and activities focused around celebrating rivers and
to educate the public on the diversity of uses of rivers in the Upper Gunnison and to highlight local
efforts to protect and enhance rivers and other aquatic environments.
In 2024 , the GRF will host events in three locations across the Gunnison Valley as a way to elevate
amazing river events happening across the Gunnison basin and build on inclusive and engaging events.

This includes the following events in Gunnison, Lake City and Taylor Canyon:

June 21st – Taylor Downriver Race hosted by the Upper Gunnison River Water Conservancy
• June 22nd– Surf Jam at Gunnison Whitewater Park hosted by Gunnison Waves, the Upper
Gunnison River Water Conservancy District, City of Gunnison and Gunnison County

Anyone interested in volunteering for the festival can submit their contact information via email to Festival Director Cheryl Cwelich at ccwelich@ugrwcd.org or may call the District at (970) 641-6065.