Taylor Park User Group (TLUG)

Next TLUG Meeting – Wednesday, July 7 at 9:00 a.m. Please contact the District for meeting details.

As specified in the Taylor Park Reservoir and Taylor/Gunnison River Local User’s Group Process document (see link below), the UGRWCD is required to seek input and direction from the various water users of the Taylor River, Taylor Park Reservoir and the main stem of the Gunnison River above Blue Mesa to optimize operations for all users.  Therefore, the TAYLOR LOCAL USERS GROUP was established with the appointment of interested representatives from each user group to meet regularly during the spring and summer to review operations and reach a consensus recommendation that benefits all users.

Don Sabrowski

UGRWCD Director, Taylor River, Division 4

Mark Schumacher

Rafting/Boating Interest

Ryan Birdsey

Water Recreation Interests

Andy Spann

Irrigation Users

Roark Kiklevich

Wade Fisherman

Pete Dunda

Property Interests

Ernie Cockrell

Taylor Placer Representative