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Goals, Action Items, and OnGoing Tasks

The Watershed Management Planning Project is a means to accomplish all the goals enumerated herein. The mission of the Watershed Management Planning Project is to help protect existing water uses and watershed health in the Upper Gunnison Basin in the face of pressure from increased water demands and permanent reductions in water supply.

Strategic Plans

Colorado's Water Plan

Gunnison Basin Roundtable Basin Implementation Plan

UGRWCD Strategic Management Plan

Water Districts, State & Federal Agencies, and National Sites

Did You Know?


What is an augmentation plan, and do you need one?

An augmentation plan is a plan whereby, in the event of a call by seniors on a stream, a junior water rightholder contracts with a senior rightholder to replace the junior’s out-of-priority depletions in time, amount and location; this enables the junior rightholder to continue using his water.  Read more! 

Upper Gunnison River Conservancy District

Job Announcement

Upper Gunnison River Water Conservancy District

General Manager

Start date December 1, 2019